You can have it all! And not go broke doing it!


One of the questions we always get in the showroom is can I add a hand-shower to wash the dog/kid/legs as well as my regular showerhead? The answer has always been yes, but with one big caveat…how much do you want to spend?

The bathtub used to be the go to for everything, but has fallen out of use and showers have become more spectacular making up for the loss. These car wash showers are awesome, you can get in and luxuriate in the body sprays, overhead raincan and then easily clean the shower with your handheld shower. The problem has always been that to do all of this you had to use multiple valves, which meant more cuts in tile more plumber installation and more expense of the pretty metal handles that controlled all of them.

Delta FaucetDelta Faucet, has been innovating since 1954 and this time have come out with a single valve that can turn the water on, adjust temperature, adjust volume of water and then can divert the water to 3 separate functions or you can share a couple of functions! The technical term is a TempAssure Valve with Integrated Diverter. All of this is done in a small amount of space and because it only takes one valve and trim way less cost.

The configuration options are nearly endless and it is still easiest to get with one of our showroom consultants to decide what is best for you. Here are some of our favorites!

  • The classic – regular showerhead & handshower
  • The singin in the rain – regular showerhead & ceiling mount rainhead
  • The works – regular showerhead, ceiling mount rainhead & 2 body sprays
  • The shower for lovers – His and Hers Handshowers
  • The carwash – Handshower and two sets of body sprays on two separate walls

singin in the rain

So there are a million options, but really I think this is great in secondary baths where you just need an additional handshower to clean the shower. Or when you are looking to sell your house that you put in a quality known manufacturer with an awesome usable upgrade. Delta’s slogan is “see what Delta can do,” well let me tell you this does a lot!!

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