Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number

Aging in place is a buzz phrase for products that help folks as they age maintain their independence and stay safe while staying in their own homes. The trick though is to not make it look institutional, but to have products that regardless of your age would look and be gorgeous.
The shower is a key component of the aging in place bathroom. Central Arizona Supply has brought in gorgeous Grab Bars that are made of solid brass and come in 30+ finishes that double as a towel bar or toilet paper holder. Handshower’s are a must with a grab bar that doubles as a slide bar.  The other goal is to incorporate thermostatic showers instead of pressure balance because as we age temperature shock from cold water is where most accidents occur in the shower and this prevents that. Creating curbless showers is easy with the right tile installer or curbless shower pan so there is no threshold to step over.

Walk in Bathtubs are only great if you can fill them very fast and empty them even faster, because there is a door that has to be closed that a person has to sit and wait for the water. American Standard’s Safety Tubs has a pump on the drain that helps to evacuate the water as quickly as possible. These tubs can be therapeutic though with Air, Hydro Therapy, or a combination to help with arthritis and joint discomfort.

Almost all of TOTO’s toilets are available as an ADA height or as they call it Universal height because so many people regardless of age want a taller toilet. Plus there is finally fabulous furniture available that if need be a person could be in a wheelchair and easily use the sink, but again they can fit into the chicest of décor.

The key to Aging in Place and still having a gorgeous bathroom is knowing the right people like at Central Arizona Supply who have made it a part of their business to find beautiful items that can make your or your clients life easier and more beautiful as they grow older or as we like to call it more fabulous.


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