It’s Electric….boogey woogey oogey…

Electric Mirror

So many people think of Central Arizona Supply as just a plumbing company, but really we work in all of the metal and other accessories in the bath. One of our favorite lines is Electric Mirror, which is the premier bathroom mirror company in the United States. You may have heard of the brand if you are fancy and fabulous and stay in hotels such as the Ritz Carlton, Marriott and Four Seasons to name a few. They have been making mirrors for the hospitality industry for almost 20 years and have become famous for their quality and customization. Whether you need a TV hidden behind your mirror or the best makeup mirror you have ever seen, they have it. Here are just a few reasons we love them!

FOG FREE MIRRORS FOR MEN!! There is no greater joy and easier shave than when you shave in the steam of the shower, but mirrors never work in the steaminess! Not true! There are two sizes of fog free mirrors for men or women for that matter for the shower or steamy bathroom that warm up and the center of the mirror doesn’t fog up.


EVERYBODY IS BEAUTIFUL!! Seriously, I know this is bizarre, but you have to come into one of our showrooms and look at yourself in these mirrors. Everyone looks gorgeous! Whether it is the quality of the mirror itself or the sharpness of the light that creates such an incredible reflection back you have to see it for yourself to know what I am saying.

MADE IN AMERICA!! Yes, they are actually manufactured here in the United States and as an American owned family business we could not be more thrilled to brag about that. They have over 300 employees up in Washington State who craft thousands of configurations of mirrors easily because of their single source production capabilities.


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