We are a family that moved from the Midwest to Mesa, Arizona and brought our business with us. Our roots are in service plumbing and air conditioning, our owners worked in the field originally. Now we solely focus on keeping things simple and catering to each customer as an individual and bringing them into the Smith family fold!

No! We don’t! Although many of our salespeople know how and can walk you through many of the processes, nothing beats the work of a professional. When you work with the best plumbing supplier in town we know the best plumbing professionals in town and can recommend who can help you.

We started in the parts business and have the people to help you with this and a huge inventory in parts. The best thing to do is bring in what you are looking for. If that is not possible, try to take a picture of it and bring that in. That way we can match it up easier with what you need.

Central Arizona Supply has a commercial quotes division that will supply you with a specialty commercial quote. Just give us the time frame you need it in and we can get it done. Once we secure the job with you, our specification books are second to none and will supply you with all of the information that you need.

Over the years Central has worked to diversify our products and therefore have products that fit every budget. From the tried and true Delta and American Standard to the luxurious Sherle Wagner and TOTO. Our goal is to carry lines that fit every budget and design style.

If Central doesn’t have it in stock it is unlikely that anyone else in town does because we pride ourselves on having the best inventory in the southwest. If you have ordered something custom or that we don’t currently carry in our inventory, lead times vary from overnight to a number of weeks depending on the manufacturer. Make sure you get a lead time from the salesperson and remember many times the lead time depends on how much a customer wants to spend. We buy truckloads of product and if you can wait, many times there is no freight, but if you need something quicker you can pay freight to get it here as needed.

C.A.S. has competitive pricing across the board. If you have a question about a price, just ask.

We stand by all manufacturers warranties for product that you bought from C.A.S. Many list their warranties on their website, but if you have a specific question, just ask.

Central Arizona Supply’s employees have over 300 years of experience and we have many convenient locations to serve you. There are things that the internet just doesn’t have. Unfortunately, if you purchased something on the internet we aren’t going to be able to help you with it because our employees and locations have expenses that the internet just doesn’t have.

The internet has been awesome in educating people to the many options that they have out there. Unfortunately, the internet does not have the same standards and processes that we have. Sometimes we are able to match the price, so please ask, but sometimes the product that is on the internet is not comparable to what we have and the business that is selling it isn’t comparable to what we can do to help you.

C.A.S. is an independent company and therefore are able to bring in the very best lines that are available in terms of quality, design and price. But we are also like the automobile industry, you can’t go into a Cadillac dealership and get a Kia. Therefore, we have lines that we think are the very best in the industry and don’t want to sell you anything inferior to that.

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