The Ultimate Washlet Guide


WARNING!! If you are uncomfortable with toilet talk and everything that goes with it, choose another blog post!!

Why are we the only first world country that still predominantly uses paper to clean our backside? Americans are obsessed with cleanliness and antibacterial everything, but think that an electronic bidet that cleans us with water and dries us off is crazy and over the top! In Japan washlets are as ubiquitous as microwaves are in America; everyone has them and they aren’t just for the luxury market.

TOTO, the largest toilet manufacturer in the world invented them in 1980 and have gone on to sell over 40 million worldwide. Bidets were widespread in Europe, but in Japan with smaller homes having a toilet and separate bidet was out of the question. Plus, the idea of using a toilet and then waddling over to the bidet with pants around your ankles seems beyond crazy. The washlet allows you to go to the bathroom and then not use your hands to clean up after you are done! Seems so much more hygienic right?

Electric Plug

There are a number of models and they range in price from $499 to $3,300, but the one that we like the most is the S350E, which falls somewhere in the middle. These washlets can be installed on most everyone’s current toilet, but you do need to have an electrical plug nearby. The S350E senses when you are near it and raises the lid. The seat is heated to the temperature that you choose (side note: my favorite feature, yes even in Arizona!!). When you sit your tooshie down Ewater+ is sprayed on the bowl, this is electrolyzed water that sterilizes the bowl and help to prevent skid marks (side note: this is a plumbing blog, pardon my specificity, but if you can’t get the truth about plumbing from me where can you?). Now while you do your business, there is a deodorizer helping to clean the air of unpleasant smells. Finally comes the cleaning part…push a button for a wand to come out and spray at the pressure of your choosing and to your heated temperature to get you all nice and clean, spray as long as desired. Finally, a drier is turned on that blows warm air on your hiney to rid yourself of extra water. Then you stand up, pants up and walk away. The seat will close itself once you are gone.

Not every model does everything, you will have to come in and talk to us so that we can help you choose the right features for you. But in all seriousness one of the many reasons I love the washlet is that it is great for the elderly and helps with quality and dignity of life because of the ease of use and helpfulness in our elders being able to take care of themselves. So there it is; the replacement for the bidet can be on every toilet in America! Just imagine how clean we will be!!

So when you become obsessed with your washlet and won’t use any bathroom but you own, come and see us and we can get you your own travel personal portable washlet!


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